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Innovative Splash Pad Installation & Design

Regulatory Evaluation

Every project starts with a state and local regulatory evaluation. Each state has its own requirements associated with construction and operation of a splash pad and local requirements vary widely. We make sure all relevant information is known to avoid unexpected expense, costly delays in construction or interrupted use of your splash pad.

Aquatic Interactive will perform a state and local regulatory evaluation to insure:

• no unexpected expense,
• no delays in construction, and/or
• no interruptions in operation of your splash pad
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Which System is Right for You?

Flow Through, Retain and Reuse, or Recirculation – regulatory requirements may impact this decision and each one has its own regulatory requirements. Each system will have different capital expense and operating costs impacted by, frequency of use, cost of water, drain requirements and servicing requirements. Aquatic Interactive will provide to you a cost comparison analysis to assist in determining the right system for you.
Types of Systems

Splash Pad Design

Aquatic Interactive will assist you in determining the right size splash pad for your application and budget. We will take the time to discuss the benefits of Light Commercial and Commercial features and assist in selection from our multiple suppliers. We can even assist you with a custom designed feature to create your unique splash pad. We will identify a variety of surface nozzles to be optionally controlled by an electronic controller to provide the optimum in aquatic fun to your splash pad users.
Ask us about spending less today and expanding in the future.

Surface Options

Selection of the right surface is not just about upfront cost but ongoing maintenance, injury prevention and appearance. Aquatic Interactive will review each option with you to identify the right surface for your project and budget.

If desired we can work with you to come up with a custom design for your surface making your splash pad one of a kind!

Aquatic Interactive is proud to offer PolySoft, a polyolefin based, light stable, flexible and seamless surfacing for aquatic areas. PolySoft offers the ultimate in skid resistance, is cool to the touch and beautifully comes in 18 colors.

Identification of Additional Services

There are a lot companies who will construct a splash pad but few will address all the extras associated with your complete satisfaction with the project. We start by identifying all associated services such as fencing, landscaping, irrigation, plumbing, electrical, playground equipment, etc… necessary for project completion from your point of view.

Optionally and for a fee, Aquatic Interactive can identify contractors for each of these services, obtain quotes and include in overall scope of work…one contact start to finish! Our aim is to make this easy on you and assure your complete satisfaction.

Selection of Contractor(s)

Aquatic Interactive will match your scope of work with a qualified contractor or set of contractors. All Aquatic Interactive partners are experienced, financially stable and share our core philosophy to serve our customers with excellence and integrity. We strive to use local contractors who are best positioned to respond to your unique project demands during and after construction.

Proposal Preparation

Aquatic Interactive will prepare a scope of work based on all discussions with associated pricing. We guarantee our pricing to be competitive with any like proposal for a common set of requirements and scope of work…check us out!

Project Management

Aquatic Interactive is on the job from point of agreement through construction and operation. We start with insuring any needed engineering is professionally completed and necessary permits are obtained. We then develop a project plan with all contractors to minimize disruption to your business and/or coordinate with other work. Aquatic Interactive is responsible to keep all parties aware of project progress to insure their timeliness and adherence to the project schedule.

One Point of Contact – Project Satisfaction

Operational Services

If desired Aquatic Interactive will assisting securing a professional commercial service to monitor and service your splash pad. Currently, Aquatic Interactive has multiple partners capable of serving customers throughout Texas.